Healthy Volunteers needed


Help fight malaria

We are looking for healthy volunteers to participate in our malaria trials  in Brisbane. Sign up below to receive more information on upcoming studies, how you can help, or call us now to book a medical screening.

Participants are paid for their time and travel. Malaria studies pay between $1500 - $3800.

Why Malaria?

Malaria is one of the most important infectious diseases, which continues to have a major impact on the health of a significant proportion of the world’s population. In 2016, over 216 million new cases of malaria were reported globally with more than 445,000 dying as a result of this disease, most of them being young children in Africa (WHO, 2016).

Clinical research into treating and curing this disease requires people just like you, who are willing to lend a hand. By lending a hand, your help can potentially enhance, and save the lives of thousands of people globally through the access of improved medicines

We have successfully completed over 25 malaria clinical trials, conducted by or in partnership with leading Tropical Medicine Specialist, Prof. James McCarthy and his team at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute.

How can you help?

Contribute to the Community

Participating in a clinical trial is a way for you to give back to the community by helping the development of new, safer and more effective medicines that can support the health and wellbeing of others.

Contribute to Research

Clinical trials are an important part of the research and development pathway for new medicines.  

Get paid for your time

If you are participating in a healthy volunteer trial that doesn’t provide you with any direct medical benefit, you will receive a study participation payment as reimbursement for your time. The payment amount is dependent on the time commitment of the individual study, and therefore varies from trial to trial


Participate now by either signup up to our mailing list or calling us.

Minimum eligibility criteria:

  • be a healthy person

  • be aged between 18-55 years

  • free from any chronic illnesses

  • not taking any prescription medication

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