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Thanks for taking an interest in participating in one of our clinical trials. We welcome any questions you have regarding our range of trials on offer. If the information below does not answer a specific question you have, please call our recruitment team on 1800 243 733 or email, or alternatively click this link to register your details with us and be notified by email when a new trial becomes available for which you may be eligible.

Clinical trials are an important part of the research and development pathway for new medicines. Development of new therapies can prevent thousands of deaths each year and improve the lives of thousands more people suffering from various medical conditions.  By participating in a clinical trial you can help in the development of new, safer and more effective medicines.

What is Q-Pharm?

Q-Pharm is a dedicated clinical trial unit located at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.

Who generally volunteers for clinical trials?

Q-Pharm specialises in clinical trials that require healthy adults aged between 18 and 80 years.  However, each year we also conduct a number clinical trials in patients with specific diseases or conditions.  Examples of diseases and conditions in which we have recently conducted trials include Obesity, Infectious Diseases (eg flu vaccines, malaria treatments), Psoriasis, Coeliac Disease, Motor Neuron Disease, Parkinson's and Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Do I get paid for participating in a clinical trial?

If you are participating in a healthy volunteer trial that doesn’t provide you with any direct medical benefit, you will receive a study participation payment as reimbursement for your time. The payment amount is dependent on the time commitment of the individual study, and therefore varies from trial to trial. All payments are consistent with Australian government guidelines and must be approved by an Australian ethics committee.

Your safety

All trials are conducted in compliance with international and Australian regulations and under approval by an ethics committee to ensure the well-being and safety of participants.  We have successfully conducted over 400 trials.

Each study is both reviewed and approved by a nationally registered Human Research Ethics Committee.  Study approvals are notified to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), the Australian Government regulatory authority that governs access to therapeutic goods in Australia.
During participation in a clinical trial, to ensure your safety and well-being you will have a team of dedicated and experienced research nurses and medical doctors, monitoring you at all times with state of the art medical equipment.  Our world class clinical facility is based on the campus of the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital - ideally placed to help ensure your safety and well-being.

Our facilities

Q-Pharm will provide you with a home away from home experience during your clinical trial. Our facilities are fully equipped with comfortable lounge and recreation areas, and also entertainment including PS4 / TV / Netflix / DVD’s, a pool table, a tennis table, along with wireless internet. All meals and drinks are also included with your stay.

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