Mervyn Eadie Clinic Commissioned in July 2018, this 45 bed clinic is ideally suited to large-panel healthy volunteer studies.  The flexible design of the facility also allows it to be used for other early phase studies requiring intense monitoring of trial participants.

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2 cialis da 5 Primary features of the clinic include:

  • Open plan 45 bed clinical trial ward with cardiac monitoring (telemetry including ECG / NiBP / SpO2)
  • Amenities include separate dining, kitchen and recreation areas
  • Synchronized digital clocks
  • Processing laboratory
  • Emergency trolleys and access to RBWH emergency services
  • Access to ancillary support services (eg catering, nutrition, cleaning etc.)

quetiapine antidepressant This facility also hosts modern entertainment facilities for volunteers including;

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  • Reading room / computer room
  • Entertainment room
  • Pool / table-tennis tables
  • Wireless internet