Cameron Johnson
Chief Executive Officer

Cameron Johnson - CEO

Cameron Johnson is considered one of the most experienced Phase I Clinical Trial professionals in Australia, having held senior management roles within three of the four established Phase I Australian Clinical Trial companies.

Cameron’s Phase I experience extends into Europe and the Clinical Research Organization (CRO) industry, where he managed Clinical Trial facilities across Australia and New Zealand. He joined Nucleus Network in September 2013 as Chief Operating Officer before moving into the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in May 2016.

Prior to commencing at Nucleus Network, Cameron was the inaugural CEO at an Australian Phase I Clinical Trials facility interstate. Responsibilities included the establishment of the company’s corporate structure and company registration. Completion of the physical infrastructure, facilities, and offices were undertaken using AUD$9.5 million of seed funding from the State Government.

Cameron was Operations Manager to the CEO at an interstate Phase I Clinical Trials facility. Cameron undertook the operational management of the company’s departments as well as business development initiatives, budget preparations and finance review of management accounts.

In 2018, Cameron led the sale and expansion of Nucleus Network positioning the company for rapid acceleration and capability growth.

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Jason Lickliter
Chief Medical Officer

Jason Lickliter - Chief Medical Officer

Dr Jason Lickliter commenced as Medical Director of Nucleus in October 2012. He is a consultant Medical Oncologist working in Early-Phase Clinical Research for over ten years. He established the Phase I Cancer Trials Program at Monash Medical Centre, holding the position of Director since 2008.

Jason trained in Medical Oncology and Clinical Hematology at Royal Melbourne Hospital and the University of Minnesota Medical Centre in Minneapolis, USA. He completed his PhD studies at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.

With extensive experience in all aspects of Early-Phase Cancer Trials, including protocol design and implementation, and the integration of Biomarker studies and advanced imaging into clinical research, Jason is an invaluable team member at Nucleus Network.

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Ric Navarro
Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

Ric Navarro - Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

Ric began his career as a journalist with one of Australia’s largest newspapers and subsequently went on to manage communications for Australian Prime Minister John Howard’s exports program. Over his career, Ric has worked with leading firms in the retail, mining, FMCG, manufacturing, sports, built environment and professional services sectors. With these top brands, Ric led the marketing, communications, corporate affairs, digital strategy, and client-centricity programs. In November 2017, Ric was awarded one of the world's Top 40 Most Influential Global Marketing Leaders by the World Marketing Congress – recognising his outstanding marketing thinking and brand communications. In 2018, Ric was ranked as Australia's #6 CMO and, in the same year, was awarded CEO Magazine Marketing Executive of the Year. In 2019, Ric was featured in US Business Magazine, Insights Success, as one of the Top 10 Marketing Leaders to Watch in 2019 and also awarded the prestigious Certified Practicing Marketer of the Year by the Australian Marketing Institute in December 2019. Ric joined the Nucleus Network executive team in 2020 to help drive the growth of the brand across the firm’s global footprint.

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Charlotte Hall
Chief Operating Officer

Charlotte Hall – Chief Operating Officer

Charlotte Hall is responsible for the change management of the Nucleus Network’s operations. Since joining Nucleus Network in February 2014, she’s led four major facility renovations—resulting in the 80-bed Clinical Trials facility and flagship headquarter offices.

As Chief Operating Officer, Charlotte provides leadership to cross-functional departments, ensuring departments align with company strategy to enable the efficient delivery of Nucleus Network’s vision. She works closely with our CEO to develop and implement future growth strategies and profits of the organisation, as well as setting company forecasts and reviewing operational budget compliance. Implementation of staffing models and critical process improvements are reflected in the positive financial performance of the company since 2014.

Charlotte is an experienced clinical research professional with expertise spanning multiple therapeutic areas in the early-late phase spectrum. Skills and experience acquired over her career

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Robin Luber
Director of Quality

Robin Luber - Director of Quality

Robin Luber is responsible for establishing, maintaining, and developing all aspects of the Nucleus Network’s Quality System.

Robin has over 15 years’ experience working in Quality Management and Quality Assurance Systems, with extensive knowledge of Compliance and Risk Management, Quality System Development, Implementation for the Clinical Research industry, and learning and development facilitation.

Before working at Nucleus, Robin held senior level Quality Management positions in Big Pharma, Life Sciences consulting, and chemical analysis laboratories. Robin’s experience extends across: project management, validation and Good Clinical Practice consultancy services to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pharmaceutical licensed manufacturers, developing and implementing a fully integrated laboratory quality system, and successfully leading Therapeutic Goods Act Good Manufacturing Practice (TGA GMP) licensing audits.

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Biljana Georgievska
Director of Project Management

Biljana Georgievska - Director of Project Management

Biljana Georgievska has extensive global experience in strategic and operations clinical research management, specialising in the development of Clinical Trials of novel therapeutic cancer therapies and Phase I healthy volunteer Clinical Trials.

Before joining Nucleus Network in November 2014, Biljana spent eight years in Los Angeles as Director of Operations for the Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Phase I/Pilot Consortium. Responsibilities included the management of the operations of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) funded multi-institution pediatric oncology Phase I initiative, comprising of 21 pediatric oncology Phase I sites across the USA and Canada. Biljana served as the primary point of contact for the NCI and industry clients including Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies.

Biljana is an experienced people manager with a unique ability to engage at all levels, and influence company culture and employee engagement. Biljana’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of the U.S. market has been instrumental in her ability to relate to the clients of Nucleus Network and in leading and mentoring the other people within the company.

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Peta Hamill
Director Clinical Operations

Peta Hamill - Director Clinical Operations

Peta Hamill is responsible to the management and oversight of the clinical operations component of Nucleus Network, including the Technical, Pharmacy, Clinical Unit and Screening and Outpatients departments.

Peta joined Nucleus Network in 2008, working extensively across different areas of the organisation including Clinical Operations and Good Clinical Practice Education delivery. Her experience spans numerous therapeutic areas including: General Medicine, Oncology/Haematology, Infectious Diseases and Women’s Health, and both Early and Late Phase Clinical research.

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